Could your child be the next technology billionaire?!

As parents, you may find your children curled up in their bedrooms either playing video games, playing computer games, or interacting with their iPhones or Androids in some way. Times have changed! And technology is rapidly changing the way we live, think, and entertain. Instead of seeing this as a drawback, we can choose to embrace it. What if we have the next Mark Zuckerberg (Think: Facebook) right in our midst?! Could your child be the next technology prodigy and you don't even know it? 

Many of us do not know how to code and we don't "get" the newest technology as fast as our children. It's almost like they're born knowing how to Google and find their favorite video on YouTube. We've all seen a 1 year old grab an iPhone and start scrolling, right? Haha!

So let's give our children a chance to turn that passion and interest into something worthwhile. Let's introduce them to coding! There are many FREE resources online to help your children learn how to code. A quick Google search will introduce you to many, but you may want to start with and Also, many do not know this, but our public libraries offer many free programming related to technology. 

Check out this Ted Talk from a 12 YEAR OLD app developer. Talk about inspiring!

At Solid Foundation, we would love to be able to offer computer programming and other enrichment programs to our students. We actually have a GoFundMe campaign running right now in order to buy new computers for our student's use. If you also believe in the power of teaching technology and programming, we would love your support. Whether giving a monetary donation, coming in to speak or demo technology based subjects, or referring us to other individuals or companies who can help, we'd be truly grateful!

In the meantime, please follow us on social media to stay connected on what's happening at Solid Foundation Christian Academy and visit our GoFundMe page to make a donation.