What Our Parents Say About Solid Foundation

"When my son was diagnosed at age 6 with ADHD and a special learning disability, I really did not know which way to turn. I tried keeping him in school, begging for assistance from the counselor, teachers, and principal in meeting his needs. The school system was not helping me, they basically left us to fail.

After searching for schools that would be best, I saw Solid Foundation Christian Academy's website. I had been homeschooling my son from 2nd to 3rd grade while working a 9-5 job. It was getting to be hard for me and my family. When I had an interview with the director of SFCA, my son's life changed. She sold me a dream of education excellence I could not refuse. I could go on and on to tell how happy he is to be apart of a team, family, community, and school that believes in him. My son came to SFCA in the 5th grade. He is in the 9th grade, learning and achieving everything sold to me on day one.

I am a proud parent to say, if your child is suffering with a disability in reading, writing, motivated speaker, math and belief, SFCA is the school for inspiring your child."

-Elanda Trice

"Three of my children have gone to Solid Foundation Christian Academy. After various issues at school, I knew I had to find a better solution for my kids and our family. Solid Foundation has been that solution. My youngest child is even now taking college classes through Solid Foundation while still in high school. I'm very proud of him and will continue to recommend Solid Foundation to other parents I know in a similar situation."

-C. Coates

"As a parent I thought my major goal for my child was for him to receive a quality education.  However, as I observed and toured schools I knew that I had to be very specific about what a quality education looks like. So there were a few key components that a school had to possess in order for my child to attend.

* Stellar curriculum - one that challenges the student and is competitive regionally, nationally, and internationally. ( A.C.E and other curriculums that Solid Foundation utilizes helps to develop independent learners as well as teaches math and reading Concepts in a creative way that the students not only grasp but they remember).

*Community- most schools struggle with Parent participation in school  organizations such as the PTA however Dr. Leslie and Solid Foundation has revolutionized  parent involvement by making it a mandatory part of the students enrollment.  Parents can complete volunteer hours by participating in quarterly programs, chaperoning field trips, spearheading fundraising campaigns, and my absolute favorite Dr. Leslie allows parents and other family members to volunteer their time through teaching students some of their hobbies, careers, or talents. It is through this time that families interact with each other and community is established.

*Morals and beliefs- as a child spends more time in school than at home it was  very important to me that the school be an extension of home. The school should mirror what is being taught at home. I didn't want to drop my child off everyday only to pick them up and have to deprogram. I was very secure with Solid Foundation because all of their curriculums and their teachings are Christian-based, which helped reinforce what my son learned at home and in church.

* Self confidence - yes it is great for your child to have all of these amazing skills and talents and education however the saddest thing is they're not confident in who they are, so they never to display their gifts to the world. This by far is the greatest asset of Solid Foundation, it is the culture of the school. By building the confidence of the students in turn the students are able to display the public speaking, reading comprehension, and math skills that they have mastered in class. By doing this early in life Solid Foundation ensures that each of their students are set up for a bright and brilliant future."

-Ebony Smith