parent involvement

Parental involvement is key in building and maintaining a solid home/school relationship. For this reason, parental participation in the education process of our students is crucial. Each Solid Foundation parent is a part of our Parent Council. As a SFCA parent, it is required to be a part of a committee in order to meet the 24 hour volunteer requirement.

Each and every Solid Foundation parent is asked to have hands-on participation in their child’s education to include attending scheduled parent-teacher conferences, responding to inquiries from school staff, providing feedback on their child’s progress and services provided by the program and its affiliates, as well as being a field trip chaperone. All parents must commit to giving 24 hours of volunteer time, which may be provided by a designated family member. Parents must sign a memorandum of agreement. In order to be invited back to SFCA for the next school year, this 24 hour volunteer requirement must be met.

When you learn, teach, when you get, give.
— Maya Angelou