10 Ways to Support Solid Foundation

Founded in 2003, Solid Foundation Christian Academy is private school K-12 whose mission is to equip students for life's experiences by creating a positive learning environment that challenges their critical thinking skills towards academic success and by building self-esteem. Our students are full of energy and engage in many activities each week. Our success is not possible without you.  So here is how you can support Solid Foundation:

  1. Donate. Make a difference by making a gift today and help us grow. Can't do it online? Make checks or money orders payable to Solid Foundation and send your donations to: Solid Foundation 5140 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

  2. Spread the word on the social networks by sharing this link on Facebook or following us on Instagram [we are @solidfoundation16].

  3. Become a Solid Foundation parent or ambassador. Send your child to Solid Foundation and work with the Admission Staff on identifying children who would benefit from our program. Visits to our school are encouraged for all applicants, but admission interviews are also scheduled. Call 770-469-3211 for more information.

  4. Host a gathering to help fundraise for our programming. We regularly host fundraising events in order continue expanding our programming and community reach. If you believe in our mission, you can help by contacting us to organize something in the community.

  5. Spark students’ imaginations. We invite speakers to school to share their professions with our students. Contact us to volunteer as a speaker.

  6. Suggest learning opportunities. Every week, the students and faculty engage in enrichment days where they participate in activities such as walking tours, concerts, or community service.  Contact us if you have a suggestion for an enrichment activity or would like to invite the students to visit your organization.

  7. Volunteer with the Parent Council. All parents at Solid Foundation are members of the Parent Council.  Each year, many volunteers give their time, talent and treasure to make the Council’s efforts successful.  Contact us for more information about how you can be involved.

  8. Attend church. Visit the church who supports Solid Foundation, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. Please visit the church’s website for more information.

  9. Join our mailing list. Learn more about upcoming events and receive our newsletter.

  10. Spread the word. Introduce Solid Foundation to your child or prospective students.