At Solid Foundation, we believe every child has the
potential for greatness

Teaching with a one size fits all mentality doesn’t account for what makes your child special...that's why Solid Foundation has a different approach.

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Our Mission

At Solid Foundation, our mission is to educate, expose,and create a well-balanced child. With a caring culture of trust and collaboration, we are dedicated to supporting the educational development of young minds.

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Solid Foundation Christian Academy

Grade 1 - grade 12

An individualized approach to learning enriched with programs to create societal leaders.

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The 13th After-School Program for Education

k5 - grade 12

An inspiring after-school program that keeps children safe while teaching life skills and taking a make sense approach to addressing educational needs.

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Solid Foundation Christian Academy Homeschool Support

Homeschool Support

k5 - grade 8

A supplemental program to your student’s homeschool curriculum. We offer 3 options ensuring support to manage your child’s education.

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Program Highlights

  • Accredited through Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)
  • Students Placed Based on Assessment
  • Student/Teacher Ratio 12:1
  • Friendly, Nurturing Learning Environment
  • Weekly Enrichment Activities Included (Art, Performing Arts, Music, Technology)
  • Field Trips
  • Foreign Language
  • Serves Girls and Boys age 3 to 18
  • GSNS Program SB10 Scholarship Accepted