Solid Foundation Christian Academy now requires all official transcript requests to be made by completing the Transcript Request Form located below.

You will need to fill out the form entirely, and provide stamped envelopes already addressed to where you would like the requested transcripts to be sent. There is a $3 fee charge for each transcript copy requested which needs to be paid by money order. Solid Foundation does not accept checks as a form of payment for transcript request.


Request by mail

Complete the form, attach your photo ID and include a $3.00 fee and mail to:

Solid Foundation Christian Academy

5140 Memorial Drive

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Request by E-Mail

Complete the form, attach your photo id and send to

Request by FAX

Complete the form, attach your photo id and send to 844 - 624 - 4459

Once we have your photo id and the form we can process. Please understand that Solid Foundation Christian Academy cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information that is sent via fax or email. I further understand that transcripts that are faxed or e-mailed may not be considered official by the receiving agency.

Payment for Transcripts: 

Price is for one (1) copy only. If you need more than one copy, please be sure to pay $3.00 for EACH transcript needed.