Individualized Learning Plans


Whether your child's learning style allows them to grasp concepts quickly or they typically need additional instruction, our curriculum allows students to learn based on assessment. This is individualization, making it possible for each student to master the subject matter before moving on.

Solid Foundation thrives on individuality. Along with our parents, we are committed to discovering each student’s unique way of learning in order to create future success for them. Instruction is personalized to complement individual learning styles while addressing individual student needs and helping each student understand their learning process. The curriculum we use is designed to reach students within each learning modality by including auditory, kinesthetic, and visual activities. Our day is structured by using whole group instruction, peer tutoring, partnering, groups, and individualization.


Students using the program continue to demonstrate academic improvement. One reason that students demonstrate academic improvement is because they take responsibility for their own learning and are highly encouraged to think. One of the challenges that we have found is that most students do not want to think on their own. This thought process requirement makes transitioning to this curriculum from another curriculum challenging. Once students figure out that they have to think and begin to take responsibility for their learning, the results are improved academic performance.

Our staff members have been trained to ensure that every child receives individualized instruction according to their performance level.  We have found this program to have a great impact on the lives of young people.  Our curriculum, with its emphasis on Christian values and principles that lead to Godly attitudes and proper conduct, totally integrates the academic and spiritual training of home and church. The curriculum is non-denominational and provides a theistic course of study that teaches that the Bible is the accurate Word of God and is important to use when making decisions.