Homeschool support

A supplemental program to your student’s homeschool curriculum. We offer 3 options to support your child’s education through assistance with academic questions, progress monitoring, and ensuring your student doesn’t feel alone during the homeschool process

K-Grade 8

Option 1 Monitoring: Student is registered with the state of Georgia as homeschooled and follows a curriculum of parent’s choosing. Although technically homeschooled, the student attends Solid Foundation daily for progress monitoring. This option is for students who work well independently, but still require adult supervision throughout the day.

Option 2 Half/Half: Student is registered as a student of Solid Foundation and follows our homeschool curriculum, but only studies from campus twice per week to monitor progress of curriculum and interact with other SFCA students. Our instructor will provide updates to the family on academic progress. This options works best for students who have the ability to work independently, but needs a bit more academic supervision than those students of option 1.

Option 3 Full Service: Student is registered as a student of Solid Foundation and follows our curriculum, but does not visit the campus on a regular basis. This option is for families who prefer 100% distance learning and digital monitoring. We will conduct regular check-ins throughout the day and weeks to ensure your student is progressing academically. Our instructor will provide regular assessments and provide periodic updates to families.

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